Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System

Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System

A tactical headset as tough as you are.

NT3 Black Ops 2 THROAT MIC BASIC HEADSET REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ADAPTOR FOR OPERATION (To order standalone adaptors and accessories, please to our Adaptors and Accessories section.)
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Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System Black Ops 2 Throat Mic System

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Product Description

The IASUS Black Ops 2 Tactical Throat Mic is the headset of choice for users whose critical communications make the difference between a successful mission and a failed one. The Black Ops 2 brings reengineered WWII-era throat mic technology to the modern warrior with the advanced Generation 3.0 Noise Terminator transponder. The stealth-black transponder unit absorbs vocal communications directly from the throat, making it insensitive to chaotic background noise, but still capable of transmitting whispered communications during covert operations. The reinforced neck strap is fully adjustable and designed to expand and contract with the user's movements, ensuring that the transponder stays securely in place.

All Black Ops 2 Throat Mics for two-way radios are recommended to be used with the IASUS either the Finger PTT or our special Sniper PTT - A full-surface, MOLLE-spec switch machined from solid magnesium, can be easily activated while wearing heavy gloves or using a rifle stock.

Product Features

. Reinforced neck strap expands and contracts with the user's movements, improving comfort and transmission quality
. Tough, tangle-resistant braided cables
. Lightweight acoustic coil earpiece
. Extensive compatibility options
. VOX-capable with compatible radios


. Please see Compatibility chart on menu.
. * 3.5mm adaptor model compatible with all generations of iPhone (incl. 6 and 6 Plus), Blackberry, Samsung Nexus S, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus 2 (does not have advanced function features proprietary to apple)
. ** 2.5mm adaptor model is compatible with XBox, Mobile, Cordless
. *** Midland CB radios uses the Cobra IASUS adaptor