GP3 Motorcycle Throat Mic System

GP3 Motorcycle Throat Mic System

Speedway, highway, your way. High speed communications free from background noise for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiling, skydiving, and other helmet sports.

GP3 THROAT MIC BASIC HEADSET REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ADAPTOR FOR OPERATION (To order standalone adaptors and accessories, please refer to our Adaptors and Accessories section.)
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GP3 Motorcycle Throat Mic System GP3 Motorcycle Throat Mic System GP3 Motorcycle Throat Mic System

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Product Description

Riders struggling to be heard over wind noise finally have a truly effective communications solution. The GP3 Throat Mic combine the IASUS Noise Terminator Transponder with slim XSound Helmet Speakers to create a high-performance motorcycle communications system optimized for rider comfort. The GP3 system silences wind, engine, and highway noise at any speed by absorbing vibrations directly from the rider's throat.

The GP3 has the option to choose from XSound J, bass-enahnced XSound 2, and our all-new premium XSound 3 Helmet Speakers.

Product Features

. Adjustable throat strap expands and contracts comfortably with wearer's movements and fastens with magnetic breakaway clasp
. Tangle-resistant braided cables
. Finger PTT allows riders to activate transmission or answer calls without removing hands from the throttle and attention from the road
. Extensive compatibility options
. Helmet speakers are removable and can be replaced with any mono or stereo 3.5mm headphones.


. Please see Compatibility chart on menu.
. * 3.5mm adaptor model is compatible with all generations of iPhone (incl. 6 and 6 Plus), Blackberry, Samsung Nexus S, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus 2(does not have advanced function features proprietary to apple). Also buy finger PTT to work with this adaptor.
. ** 2.5mm adaptor model is compatible with XBox, Mobile, Cordless
. *** Midland CB radios uses the Cobra IASUS adaptor