XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

The IASUS Xsound 3 is the premium helmet speaker on the market today. In a class of it's own, it's acoustically tuned CNC all aluminum chassis delivers incredible sound from the extremely thin and lightweight audio driver.
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XSound 3 Helmet Speakers XSound 3 Helmet Speakers XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

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Product Description

Earbuds can be uncomfortable to wear during long periods of active use, and in-ear models can even cause damage to the inner ear. At the same time, inferior helmet speakers can't produce enough sound to let you fully appreciate your music.

Bypass discomfort and poor sound quality with XSound 3, the ultimate helmet speaker experience. The acoustically tuned CNC all aluminum chassis is the thinnest on the market, at a little over a 1/3 of an inch thick! This allows for maximum comfort when installed in ear cavity of standard helmets. By having such a new slim speaker footprint, it allowed us to include customization options for a flush and comfortable fit on ones ears for the optimal audio experience. Included in the package, are foam pads that can be combined for a custom fit, and a variety of speaker covers so that one can choose their own personal preference.

Product Features

. Ultra-slim .39'' accoustically tuned CNC all aluminum chassis (the thinnest on the market)
. Behind-the-head wiring configuration allows the wearer to tuck the Kevlar reinforced cables up into the helmet lining for unobstructed movement
. Designed to be compatible with smartphones and music players with the 3.5mm jack.
. Pair with the Mobile Amp or Premium Waterproof Volume Cable for an optimized audio experience