Diablo Amp ** Out of Stock **

Diablo Amp ** Out of Stock **

The only portable headphone amp that might actually make your ears bleed. Unleashed power-audio for any on-the-go application.
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Diablo Amp ** Out of Stock ** Diablo Amp ** Out of Stock **

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Product Description

Like the original Mobile Amp, the Diablo portable headphone amp maximizes headphone performance while minimizing power draw, improving your audio experience and extending the playtime of your media player. The devil, however, is in the details: IASUS has uncapped the power output levels of this limited edition amp, providing an unprecedented, no-holds-barred 15 dB volume boost with no more than 0.3% distortion. Perfect for any mobile audio application, including motorsports, snowboarding, skiing, cycling, extreme sports, and mobile gaming.

WARNING! The Diablo Amp has the potential to overpower earbuds, causing them to blow out. High volume levels may also cause permanent hearing damage. Use the Diablo Amp responsibly and ONLY with headphones and helmet speakers that can accommodate power added by the amp. IASUS Logistics is NOT responsible for any damages resulting from improper use of IASUS Mobile Amps.

Product Features

. 15 dB volume boost
. Extends playtime of media device by as much as 50%
. Rechargeable Lithium battery (up to 20 hours from one charge)
. Lightweight, pocket friendly profile (1.2 oz., 2'' x 1.4'' x 0.6'')
. Compatible with devices bearing 3.5mm audio jack
. Comes with USB charging cable and headphone splitter